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Dimensions mean always inside dimensions in mm on the following way:

Length (L) x Breadth (B) x Height (H)

Length (L) = the longer dimension by the opened box

Breadth (B) = the smaller dimension by the opened box

Height (H) = the size between the opening surface and the bottom of the box

By boxes with two components there is a fourth dimension, which is the high of the top segment.

For example: 355 (L) x 205 (B) x 120 (H) / 40 (h) mm

Sizes of a sheet
The sizes of a sheet are always given in mm - the breadth x the length of a sheet (or the board), where the length means the parallel direction to the track of the waves.

You should take into account the parameters so that the wave direction is vertically, parallel to the resected magassággal.A types of boxes are made according to customers' specific needs. These types of planning and preparation tools need to be manufacturable. As a first step after designing a model which is based on the specified parameters, which have been approved by the buyer. The tool can not be modified afterwards. The catalog also includes the boxes FEFCO additional supplies such as crates, trays, inserts, cover, separator. As the trade countless boxes diversity in circulation, which is why it is possible to be manufactured based on the model adopted.