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  • With 3 layers corrugated board, with 5 layers corrugated board, with 7 layers corrugated board, packaging, packing device, wrapper, wrapper production, packer box, wrapper, packer implement, box, box from wave cardboard, box pair, printed box, collector tray, a collector tray, a three-layered paper box, a wave folded finishing coat paper, wave middle class paper, wave cardboard, wave cardboard wrapper, wave cardboard box, wave cardboard processing, wave cardboard compartment,


Our company Jonapack Ltd. - Hungary the manufacturer of one of the considerable paper-based packer devices. Our firm corrugated paper boxes, and other wave products are made. Our products the industry we can serve some sections of his quasi. We take it over beyond the production the planning, the tasks of the storage, the transport and the logistics. We work together with our Dunántúl partner tightly in the interest of the more full customer service HullámPack Kft -vel.