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A corrugated paper sheet as a packaging material has almost unlimited possibilities. It can thank for its current use for the strong stability against its small net weight (compared with for example wood and plastic). That means a very significant reduction of costs by transporting and conveyance of materials.

Because of the construction, packaging materials made of corrugated cardboard can be laid out in level, so have a small need of place for storing and transporting. The product dues - that have to be paid by the end user of boxes, who is packaging in the boxes - means a significant smaller amount, as by packaging materials with the same construction made by wood or plastic. And of course corrugated packaging materials meet with environmental demands of EU-standards.

Boxes and other kinds of corrugated packaging materials can be made of C, B, E, CB and CCB types of waves, with brown, white or white-marble covering layer.

These corrugated boxes can be guided by the customer's requirements in shape, quality and printing as well.